Covid-19 Day 33
Its that time of the week when you ask “what day is it tomorrow?” and exclaim “thank crunchie its a day with a y in it.” You’d leave work early ready for the weekend except since you’ve only left home in the last month to do a shop or stretch your legs, that’s kind of redundant. Anyway its time to get positive, not for CoVID-19 but about everything else. It’s time to cut the government some slack and get in the spirit of all in it together.

Its reassuring to know we have a much better government than the one we had last month

Clap for Boris, which is a bit unfortunate after getting the Coronavirus too. But never mind, he’s a fighter and we love him to bits. Poor chap is cooped up with only 1500 acres to exercise in and the nearest corner shop is miles away but I hope some kind soul picks up his Happy Shopper foie gras. We’re with you in spirit Boris. We need you to get better (much better).
We are all being enthralled by the daily Have I Got Government News for You though we’re missing Ian Hislop‘s cheeky smile. Fortunately we’re still getting zany, made up and completely irrelevant bits, but from Matt Hancock rather than Paul Merton. The Odd one out round has been replaced by the Which one is true round but of course none of them are. Still its still fun working out which lie is the most egregious.
With only 10 years to practice, the government are doing remarkably well under the circumstances — the circumstances unfortunately being of their own making. But then no one’s perfect. They’ve never had to deal with a CoVID-19 pandemic before and haven’t really been governing either so this is all new to them. Thankfully the NHS hasn’t been overwhelmed, just the doctors and nurses and other workers in it. Isn’t that good to know.
What we should all take heart from is that they are making lots of wonderful promises like there being 100,000 tests per day in a weeks time even though its only in the 20,000’s currently. Shipments of PPE are apparently coming in even when they aren’t and getting to where they’re needed when they’re not so its reassuring to know we have a much better government than the one we had last month.
The problem is these pesky health and other front line workers keep complaining that what they’re experiencing is nothing like what they’ve being promised and that’s so unsettling for the rest of us. So we’ve got a couple of hundred workers dying because they haven’t quite got the equipment they say they need. Why can’t everyone look on the bright side? We’re enjoying the sunshine and we only have another couple of years to wait for the vaccine to be mass produced.

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