CoVID-19 Day 29

I was up really early this morning. I needed a drink and wasn’t going to sleep through. My mind was buzzing and I decided to write. I’d listened to Glen Greenwald last night, the journalist who was instrumental in getting the Wikileaks story supplied by Edward Snowden, published. He’s stood up to South American dictators and certainly risked his life in holding truth to power. He was encouraging left wing activists to stay with the programme despite being shafted over and over again.

I have a feeling its going to be a week of sleep walking

He was speaking to Americans but I could see the parallel here in the UK so I wrote my piece here on Medium. Its called Hard Lessons for the Left. That took me over 2 hours. I had planned to write for a short while then go back to bed but that never happened. I finally published the piece in Medium on this blog and copied snippets and links into Facebook by 9am when I had a scheduled meeting. That turned out to be a 4 hour meeting with gaps.
Otherwise its been a slow news day after yesterday’s explosive revelations in the Sunday Times. So I’m watching Rishi Sunak deliver tonights Have I Got News For You (not the real #HIGNFY of course, just one that’s not funny and contains no news). Unfortunately its impossiblke to watch for more than a few minutes.
But on the real news front you should know that while councils have given out grants to businesses in line with promised funding by central government, it looks like the government may not honour their commitments. If this isn’t remedied even councils that have done all they can to mitigate the drop in funding they’ve seen over the last few years, will be desperately short next year.
I have a feeling its going to be a zombie week, most of us satiated with information we can make little sense or use of while health workers and care workers continue to put their lives on the line, volunteers slave away meeting people’s desperate needs and the government lie through their teeth about what they’ve done, are doing and promise they will do.

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