CoVID-19 Day 30

Today, for me, has been about search engines, key words and figuring out how to get people we don’t know who are asking questions we are not privy to find a website they were unaware of. Then asking a developer how long a particular part of the program is going to take to be ready for release. How long is a piece of string? This is the same day we discovered the shipment of PPE from Turkey that was apparently delayed on Sunday was actually a figment of our imagination when that news was announced. We are also discovering that no one has a clue how many people are dying each day from the Coronavirus.

will people collectively demand knots be tied in the piece of string,
the length of which is otherwise indeterminate

On other matters I’ve been getting answers to questions (or part answers) that have been bothering me for days and raising ancillary questions that have lost me sleep. The difference between this and the sham daily press conferences is that I’ve not been misled about Google searches, development work or finances I’m dealing with and no one has been withholding information either for the sake of it or with a devious agenda while the government information is spin that is neither open nor honest.
It’s exhausting living in a state of suspended animation where you are looking for information to string together what is going on in your personal, local, national and international life when some of the normal lines of communication have been taken away. With human interaction drastically curtailed we are waste deep in communication effluent, processing the detritus, seeking out clear water. In reality we were fed this garbage before and though we knew we were swallowing crap there seemed little we could do about it.
This time has focused my mind on how I deal with the information I have to hand that personally affects me. Apparently less than 10% of those surveyed said they want to go back to normal after this crisis. The question is, will people collectively demand knots be tied in the piece of string, the length of which is otherwise indeterminate.

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