I found a cause that I could get behind

I found a man that spoke the language of truth and justice

I hoped that we could touch the lips of children ravaged by war and famine with water from springs of solidarity

I saw a country facing up to its history of subjugation and rape of nations, child labour and slavery

I saw the shards of light in an emerging dawn that would wash away the canker of our restless night

We learned to hope, to dare to reach out our hands and believe they would not be bitten by those we trusted

We knew that there were traitors in the camp, those who called us comrades yet despised our hope and undermined our cause

And yet we still hoped, believing that truth would out, that love would win and treachery would reap its punishment

But like the Light Brigade we rode into the valley of death, valiantly and blindly, not seeing the decimation that lay ahead of us

Unlike the eulogy of Lord Tennyson our faith was mocked and the traitors gloated over our defeat

They found their champion and insisted we embrace their sour joy

They mocked our grief and maligned those we respected yet called for unity

What unity?

I cannot bow to the new king however much you plead that I should

I’ve had my hopes and dreams shattered too many times to put this grief aside

I’ve believed too many lies to give you the benefit of the doubt

I do not hate your champion like you hated mine but his voice grates and his words anger me

I would break bread with you in another house, but not this one

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